Ecology in ROBYG


The ROBYG Group provides residents of its housing estates with numerous innovative technological solutions – which support ecology and help to reduce the operating costs of apartments.
All estates have perfectly designed low and high greenery to reduce the influence of solar radiation, overheating of the environment and water retention – through the root system and leaves – i.e. the biologically active surface. Also:

  • climbers on external walls deliver additional oxygen production – from vertical planes – as well as CO2 absorption, including lowering the external temperature on the facade
  • roofs of buildings in the inverted flat roof technology with a gravel surface allow for water retention and reduction of overheating
  • LED lighting in common areas in buildings reduces electricity consumption

We install a full fiber optic installation, photovoltaic panels, air conditioning, electrically operated external blinds and a monitoring system that significantly increases security at our housing estates. The use of natural resources (e.g. sunlight) allows to reduce rent and take care of the environment.





Each flat in ROBYG is at the same time an intelligent home – an advanced technological solution allows you to control lighting, multimedia and security using mobile devices. All premises have been equipped – without additional charges – with a SMART HOUSE system, which allows control of home electronics through a mobile device.

  • Lower electricity bills – up to 30%
  • Security control – entrance and balcony door opening sensors
  • Remote lighting control
  • Multimedia management via smartphone or tablet
  • Power control – a controller connected to an electrical outlet allows remote control of current flow
  • Blinds controller – enables remote control of blinds
  • Radiator control

It is possible to expand the SMART HOUSE system according to the individual needs.

All ROBYG estates also have a photovoltaic installation that generates electricity used for the needs of the common areas of the building – i.e. lighting, among others: corridors, staircases, lobbies, fitness zones and children’s play areas. It is an environmentally friendly solution – it uses a natural way of generating electricity, but does not consume resources, and additionally reduces the operating costs of the building, which residents feel in their pockets.